Environmental sustainability: 30 LNG trucks joined our fleet and a new intermodal service from Pordenone terminal has been launched

The LNG Fleet of our Group has reached 70 trucks and new investment in this direction have been already done in order to increase our sustainability at Group level. The LNG is currently the most usable solution in terms of sustainability for long-range transport, guaranting a reduction of CO2 up to 15% and nearly zeroing the particulate matter.

These are just some numbers that testify Codognotto Group full commitment for the environment. Moreover, a few days ago the first intermodal service from the Pordenone terminal was launched as part of a comprehensive development strategy on the UK-IT-UK transport corridor.

The use of LNG trucks combined with intermodal services allows an overall reductions of CO2 of the 70%. 
Today, more than ever, intermodal transport is a reality. During the last five years, Codognotto has seen the start-up of nine intermodal services and the management of almost 20,000 shipments by train or sea.

2019 31 May