Codognotto Austria - About the H2MA project


H2MA brings together 11 partners from all 5 Interreg Alpine Space EU countries (SI, IT, DE, FR, AT), to coordinate and accelerate the transnational roll-out of green hydrogen (H2) infrastructure for transport and mobility in the Alpine region. It works to accelerate the transnational roll-out of green hydrogen mobility infrastructure in the Alpine region, to curb CO2 emissions and foster the transition to low-carbon transport. Through the joint development of cooperation mechanisms, strategies, tools, and resources, the project will increase the capacities of territorial public authorities and relevant stakeholders to collaboratively plan and pilot test zero-emission hydrogen routes across the Alps. As a result, H2MA will improve the governance of green hydrogen mobility, boost the uptake of green hydrogen for heavy transport, unlock green financing, and strengthen the cooperation framework between public authorities and companies involved in green hydrogen mobility. H2MA will coordinate and advance the infrastructure roll-out for green hydrogen mobility across the Alpine region, to curb GHG emissions from freight and public transportation. It will establish transnational collaboration mechanisms and increase the capacities of territorial public authorities and stakeholders (incl. energy and transport agencies, H2 infrastructure providers, RES producers) to jointly plan and pilot test transalpine zero-emission ‘green H2 routes’ and urban mobility solutions. 

Heavy-Duty Transportation (HDT) is a major contributor to Alpine GHG emissions, causing, on top of that, air and noise pollution. Green H2 represents a highly promising decarbonisation pathway for hard-to-electrify HDT (e.g., trucks and buses); for example, the EC plans for ~60,000 Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs) until 2030. However, to realise the full potential of green H2, Alpine public authorities and stakeholders lack a)policy know-how and tested solutions for facilitating uptake in commercial and urban mobility, b)resources to coordinate and build a critical mass out of siloed initiatives, c) capacities to synergise with businesses for achieving economies of scale that will drive down costs and ensure ecosystems’ sustainability. For this reason, they stand to benefit from H2MA’s joint approach on infrastructure planning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
H2MA will enhance partners and target groups’ capacities to:

1. Streamline and coordinate territorial H2 roll-out plans for both commercial/transnational and urban HDT, to promote an integrated approach to supply and distribution planning and build a critical mass for further business development.
2. Design measures to connect H2 production for mobility with renewables, to facilitate the planning of transalpine zero-emission routes for HDVs.
3. Propose areas of harmonisation between H2 Alpine strategies on green mobility, to improve existing policy frameworks.

Basic information about the project:

Programme: Interreg Alpine Space Programme

Project ID: ASP0100097

Programe priority: Carbon neutral and resource sensitive Alpine region

Specific objective under the priority: SO 2.1: Promoting energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Type of project: Classic project

Project acronym: H2MA

Project title: Green Hydrogen Mobility for Alpine Region Transportation

Duration: 36 months (started on 1.11.2022)

Project budget: 2.273.154,68 €

Total eligible budget of KSSENA: 245.505,00 €

Project coordinator (LP): KSSENA - Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region


2023 13 Jan