Codognotto Air & Ocean tenth anniversary (2009-2019)

We are glad to announce that Codognotto Group Air & Ocean Freight Dept. celebrates its tenth anniversary from the beginning of operations.

Since 2009, Codognotto Air & Ocean Freight has experimented a seamless growth and development, thanks to the expertise and skills of its staff and the investments made by the Group. 

Codognotto acquired ITK-Zardini in 2009, a company operating as international freight forwarder since 1977. Since then, new investments have been made in people and knowledge. The beginning of 2017 was the moment of a new transformation: ITK-Zardini has been fully integrated in the Codognotto Group. 

Confirming the growth and professionalism demonstrated over time, recently Codognotto has obtained the AEO Certification (n.  IT AEOC 19 1534) from the Italian Customs and Monopolies Agency.

Today Codognotto Air & Ocean Freight represents a well-known and consolidated reality in the sector, which looks to the future challenges offered by the market as opportunities to be able to seize and exploit. 




2019 31 May