Sea & Air Transport

When you need to deliver goods around the world, we offer an effective way to tap into a global freight network.

If you need to ship and store cargo at a low cost, we offer transportation and third party logistics management services in the sea and air sectors. We use only the most trusted ocean freight and air carriers to handle both domestic and international loads for our clients.

We have a track record of providing an efficient service that ensures you get your goods delivered securely and on time. Our sea and air transport services include consolidated air shipments, back-to-back, direct and shipment charters in importing and exporting with the handling of bulk merchandise and/or palletised, break bulk and roll-on/roll-off shipments.

We also provide a consulting service from a team of logistics professionals who can study and optimise your production chain, streamlining your operations management and devising innovative solutions to any challenges. We have a track record in getting your goods delivered safely, securely and on time. If you have special goods to ship, we can provide transport for flammable, explosive, corrosive and nuclear cargo.

We’re guaranteed by the Certification of a Quality Management System from CISQ and IQNET, fully compliant with ISO 9001:2008, which means we’re taking active steps to reduce our environmental impact and achieve outstanding levels of service.


LCL and FCL sea freight in imports and exports, operating from all main ports worldwide.


Consolidated air shipments, back-to-back, direct and shipment charters in importing and exporting with the handling of bulk merchandise and/or palletized, Break Bulk and RORO shipments.


Consulting and support on organisational structure, customs insurance and simplifying internal procedures.


Documents management and administration, including letters of credit, consular procedures and so on, along with direct management and tracking of shipments.


Guaranteed space allocated with major sea and air carriers on the main routes of the IATA Agent.



ADR transport for special goods (flammable, explosive, corrosive, etc.);


Transport and logistics of heavy goods;




Trade services and the use of special equipment equipped with forklifts.


We offer a secure storage service for materials from outside the EEC waiting for customs.


If you need to ship a small consignment, we run a groupage management service that will deliver your goods at a competitive price. We collect and consolidate consignments at the hub and provide transport and distribute with a widespread network of trusted carriers.


We provide consulting from a group of operations specialists for every assignment, reorganising the production chain and optimising the management flow where necessary.


Taking care of the legal side of things is never an easy job. Our legal department will handle all your insurance matters to keep your assets protected, overseeing and managing any legal and administrative issues that arise from civil or carrier liability.