Our Values explained: Acting sustainably


Interview by Irene Maggioli  

Chief Legal Officier

As the only female member of the Board, it  would have been easier to talk about the value of inclusiveness. However, I decided to start with the last, but not least, of the six corporate values: Acting Sustainably.

I am very fond of this value which is key, in my opinion, for all companies, such as manufacturing and service companies, institutions, and certainly the daily actions of each of us.

In the same way Codognotto believes in it, and wants to play a pivotal role in supporting the environment and the society around us, aware that nowadays issues such as environmental, social and economic sustainability are fundamental for its development.

In fact, companies are no longer evaluated only through their economic and financial performance, but also through their ability to produce ethical results, such as social inclusion and respect for the environment.

Without going too much into detail, Codognotto’s commitment to sustainability is realized through a series of actions, some ongoing and others already planned, which allow the company to create a positive impact on people, society and the environment, while making a profit.

Social Sustainability is pursued through actions aimed at preventing unfair practices towards workers, prohibited not only in Codognotto but throughout its whole supply chain. Thanks to the important Supplier Portal project (D4U), for example, the aim is to create a virtuous supplier control system starting from the correct classification and application of the employment contract up to, in the future, verifying their working conditions.

Social also means respect for the safety of workers and Codognotto is investing many resources and efforts to make our workplace increasingly safer. Through ISO Certifications, constant audits and internal procedures, risks are mapped and preventive actions are defined. All of us play a very important role in this area, through the observation of safety procedures and collaboration during audits with colleagues who seek to improve quality standards.

Third point in terms of social impact, our Academy must be a source of pride for Codognotto, which every year allows young talents to enter the world of work, through a structured training course within a solid and international reality.

And what about the Codognotto role on the environmetal side? The company keeps will keep investing heavily in the renewal of its fleet in order to equip itself with cutting-edge vehicles capable of significantly reducing CO2 emissions. We continue promoting the development of intermodal transport, while participating in European study projects for testing electric vehicles for the first and last mile. The Quality department monitors both CO2 emissions and the electrical consumption at group level, and uses renewable energy through the photovoltaic systems installed on the roofs of its warehouses.

And we, as part of the company, can contribute to the sustainability plan that our company is pursuing. How? With small but important daily actions. By separating the waste we produce, by using water distribution systems where already available, thus getting rid of plastic bottles; by using, where possible, car sharing so as to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere; printing less so as to save paper and reusing printed material wherever possible to take notes; turning off the lights when they are not needed and/or when we leave our offices. All small but significant gestures and behaviors that can help protect the environment.

I am also very proud of the #Codognotto Reuse project. Who could have imagined that the tires of our trucks or the straps used to tie loads, could become useful or design objects?! Debora Basei of Ricrearti succeeded in full compliance with 9 points of the 2030 Agenda. Personally I love the lamps made with belts and the bags sewn using the tarpaulins of our trucks. And you?And last but not least, the Codognotto Reuse project has a strongly social impact. The creation of these and many other objects is entrusted to associations that take care of including fragile and marginalized people from society who can find new personal stimuli through this work (Associazione di Promozione Sociale il Pesco and Associazione Piccola Comunità Onlus).

A small contribution of course, but one that must give us the incentive to do our part too!


Designed by #Codognotto Reuse 


2023 27 Nov