Opened in Modena the first Art Exhibition managed by Codognotto Group

Modena, 18th of September 2015, MATA Museum Spaces. Opens the first Art Exhibition managed by Codognotto Group, through the new fine-art transport and logistics department. The exhibition "Il manichino della storia: l'arte dopo le costruzioni della critica e della cultura" curated by Richard Milazzo, presents 90 masterpieces made from the eighties to date. In the Exhibition paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations, the work of forty artists of the international art scene in recent decades from ten countries in the world, questioning the nature of art and its claims. "Art has become a show - says the curator - not only for auction houses, art fairs, commercial galleries, museums and collectors , but also for critics, curators, the media, and in a large part to the artists themselves. Art, accordingly as show, has become a "dummy"".

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2015 09 Oct