Logistics career day - Codognotto commitment for young people

How the education systems are far from the "real world"? Codognotto group is doing an important and concrete action in supporting instruction and training in the framework of logistics and transport.
It is co-founder of ITS, a training pathways of two years that after the high school can guarantee a real support to young people interested in being employed in transport sector. The ITS took place in Italy and is managed by Marco Polo consortium. 
In terms of high education, it is main sponsor of Logistics and Transport Master Degree managed by IUAV University.
The 21st ‎Codognotto‬ partecipated as speaker at Logistics Career Day, an event dedicated to young people interested in ‪‎logistics‬ and ‎transport‬. It speaks on behalf of business world explaining what companies look for and the recruitment procedures.‬
More than 300 people attended the course.
Here a picture of a group of pupils enjoying the day

2016 21 Jan