It is finally the time for the Bio-LNG. The ITJ called Codognotto Group a pioneer of sustainability

Together with our network of partners, Codognotto has just signed an important agreement assuring the launch of the first BIO-LNG refuelling station in Italy in September.

The Bio-LNG is one of the so-called alternative fuels available in the transport sector with the extraordinary characteristic to be 100% renewable deriving from biomasses. Produced where Anaerobic Digestion occurs, it’s an odourless, non-toxic fuel that decreases the carbon footprint assisting the environmental pollution and noise removal.

As compared to diesel, the Bio-LNG the percentage of NOx decrease by 54%, NO2 by 96% and the CO2 emissions scale down by 80%.
The European Commission has pointed an ideal scenario of be a net-zero emission transition by 2050. Taking this into account, Codognotto Group has signed an agreement to create the first Bio-LNG station in Italy that will be operative since September.
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2020 03 Mar