Is the intermodality the right solution to avoid COVID-19 diffusion?

Coronavirus is spreading quickly around the World and we need to be precautious with it.  Thinking about the safety of our people and partners, we defined as the best choice for the freight transport the intermodality. The movements of people represent one important element of risk for a virus with an incredibly high transmission rate. 

Intermodality has the advantage of not needing the displacement of drivers for the long-haul, keeping them out of danger and preventing the virus to be spread across the countries.Codognotto Group has established ten different intermodal connections in the last four years and recently it tested an intermodal service even for shipments under 300kms. The test has been performed in shipments going from the North East to the North West of Italy and Vice Versa. The crisis determined by Coronavirus is particularly impacting Italy and the exploitation of intermodality even for such shipments can play an important role in preventing the virus to spread.

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2020 03 Mar