Expanding Trade Routes all around Europe: The New Intermodal Connection Between the UK and Poland

The intermodal set-up includes a renovated connection between the UK and Poland. 

This service will redefine trade relationships, offering businesses an efficient, reliable, and sustainable means of moving goods between these two nations and across all Europe. 

This is just the first step towards a bigger project aimed at connecting all Europe with a completely integrated intermodal service. 

Connecting UK to Poland 

Today the UK-Poland corridor counts 10000 loads from Poland to UK and vice versa, which are mostly managed by road. The new rail-road service will reinforce the rail route, reducing the road one as minimum. With four departures per week, the new ensure will ensure transit times of 7-8 days.

  • Rail Route: from Swarzedz to Rotterdam
  • Sea Route: from Rotterdam to Killingholme


  Benefits of the Service:  

  • Increase of the payload up to 28 tons instead of 24 tons
  • Reduced CO2 impact and reduced risks associated to road mobility
  • Fixed rates + fixed loading capacitities = Costs optimization



About the new service Poland-UK, our Country Manager Poland Robert Krawczyk says: 

   “ We are certainly very optimistic about what the coming year will bring us. I am sure that PL-UK rail transport will expand thanks to our contribution and commitment. The possibility of loading mega trailers will certainly benefit the household appliances industry, where the key element is the amount of loaded goods.The developed availability of railway connections allows us to handle large volumes, which means that we are able to offer stable and safe service to every customer. I am very excited about how, thanks to rail transport, our cooperation with clients will be even more effective and bring not only material but also ecological benefits.

 Photo: Robert Krawczk
 Country Manager Poland
2024 11 Jan