The companies inventing the future

Northeast Italy is getting connected. To the rest of the world

Opening up, in time and space. Looking to the future, and to the world. Interconnecting and innovating. Cornerstones, leitmotivs needed to grow and, in some cases, essential for survival.
In a scenario of economic crisis, bankruptcies and closures, in the “rich Northeast” of Italy that went from riches to rags, some companies are still producing. Thriving even, broadening their horizons, opening up to external collaborations and focusing on internal involvement, realising the value of the identity and ability of workers. Of people.

Because this is what a company is made of: people, ideas, inventions and innovations. A key point in the series of meetings called “Rimettere le scarpe ai sogni” (Put shoes back on your dreams), organised by Salone D’Impresa, which began in October at the Treviso offices of Codognotto Spa.
Entrepreneurs and professionals came together, pooling their resources, experiences and proposals. The aim of Codognotto, General Membrane Spa, Somec Srl and all the companies that, in a climate of crisis and distrust, are driving the economy and awakening hope, is to grow. Not so much in terms of earning as in adapting. To the days to come, or that are already here.
An evolution, a change and a new vision of the way of doing business is the solid, essential base for becoming and being a company that offers what the market wants.
A firm that, through the web, e-commerce and a willingness to change their way of doing business, is ready to take on any kind of challenge.
“And if the future is the engine that drives a company - Pagot, from General Membrane Spa has no doubts - what lies ahead has to be better.”

2014 15 Dec