Codognotto meets schools

On the 16th of February Stefano Codognotto and Bojan Spiroski of Codognotto Macedonia and Elka Barzachka of Codognotto Bulgaria visited the two most important Italian language schools in Sofia and in general in Bulgaria: Scuola Superiore 105 Atanas Dalchev (105.СУ „Атанас Далчев”, and  Scuola Nazionale per la Cultura e Liceo di Lingua Italiana (Национален учебен комплекс по култура с лицей за изучаване на италиански език и култура, in order to start a future collaboration.


The Scuola 105 Atanas Dalchev, with 75 years of experience in the field, teaches Italian more than 800 students from 6 to 19 year old.


Codognotto’s delegates met principals, vice-principals and teachers' representation of the Institute, as Tsvetanka Kostadinova and Evelina Pachedgieva. This school is constantly in contact with the Italian embassy in Bulgaria and with institutions, promoting Italian culture and education to their students thanks to Erasmus projects, journeys and cultural, theatrical and sportive activities.


The Scuola Nazionale per la Cultura e Liceo di Lingua Italiana is a private institute, UNESCO affiliated, that uses the Montessori approach for many courses and programmes, as the Liceo Italiano, founded 24 years ago, dedicated to the Italian teaching throw two courses, Humanistic and Scientific.

Our colleagues met the Principal Chergova and the institute’s delegates, discussing about the potential cooperation: Fruitful Communication and Collaboration are the keywords of both meetings!

Codognotto Bulgaria offered both schools the opportunity to visit the Sofia’s Branch in order to show how an international Italian Company works, and also discussed with them about the chance to start a Young apprenticeship programme for fresh graduated students or brilliant and motivated ex students that wants a career in logistics field and in the international transports field. 

2017 07 Mar