Codognotto invests again in sustainability with the 15 new IVECO S-Way LNG tractor units

Once again Codognotto has chosen the path of eco-sustainability by integrating 15 new IVECO S-WAY LNG road tractors that can run on bio-LNG.

Biomethane represents today an important step towards the decarbonisation of long-haul heavy transport. According to the CNR study (Italy’s National Research Council), it leads to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of up to 121.6% and a decrease of nitrogen dioxide of up to 65% compared to diesel. It also helps to reduce the noise level, with 71 dB(A) achieved in the Quiet Truck Test in Silent Mode.

For the new LNG road tractors, Codognotto has selected IVECO, leader and pioneer in the LNG technology, and its local supplier Industrial Cars. Both companies share with the company a strong commitment on innovation and digital transformation as key drivers for reducing environmental impact. A strong collaboration that has led to a total order of 92 S-Way tractor units between 2022 and 2023.

All trucks are equipped with two tanks of 540 liters, reaching a range of approximately 1,600 kilometres. Advanced safety systems have been specifically selected to ensure the highest standards of comfort on board, in order to protect the driver and improve life on the road.

At the ceremony attended: Marco Manfredini, General Manager Operations of the Codognotto Group and Matteo Codognotto, Marketing & Innovation Group Director of the Codognotto Group, Antonella Ceccato, Chief Executive Officer Industrial Cars, David Cabrelli, Sales Manager Industrial Cars, and Fabrizio Buffa, IVECO Medium and Heavy Range Manager for the Italian Market.

Fabrizio Buffa, Head of the IVECO Medium and Heavy Range for the Italian Market, stated: “Thanks to this important supply, the partnership between IVECO and Codognotto, leading company in the panorama of integrated logistics and road, has been strengthen.  Codognotto once again has chosen our solutions, and we are pleased to be an active part renewing the fleet of a company that has always focused on innovation and professionalism".

"Liquefied biomethane (bioLNG) vehicles are now key in reducing greenhouse emissions. This technology, together with the expansion of the company’s intermodal offering and the involvement in projects related to the use of electricity and hydrogen, are part of the Codognotto strategy towards the decarbonization of freight transport and a more sustainable logistics" said Marco Manfredini, General Manager Operations of the Codognotto Group.

The evolution of transport and logistics also passes through synergies between companies that utilize innovation, digital transformation and environmental-friendly actions in order to generate forward-looking valuable actions for the customer. Collaboration and common goals combined with professionalism and competence give rise to important partnerships that drive change.

2023 17 Mar