Codognotto is growing. With a new branch in Sofia

The widespread presence of Codognotto becomes even more comprehensive with the newly opened logistics and transport company office in Treviso in the month of March.

The city of Sofia has been chosen in Bulgaria by Codognotto Group to open an office that will be a gateway to serve, via road, not only Bulgaria, but also other countries such as Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Iraq.
Codognotto was already active on the Bulgarian territory as a transport service provider, but now, thanks to its new operational location and the physical presence in the area, it can approach its new customers and the local market which was more difficult to do from Italy.
Given the growing demands in these countries, Codognotto decided to be present in Sofia too.
In the Bulgarian headquarters, 4 workers are working currently who have been trained in Sofia.

2015 23 Apr