Codognotto Group and the Silesian corridor

Codognotto Group has participated as exhibitor to EXPOSILESIA TSL 2015 in Sosnowiec, Poland from Wednesday 22 to Thursday 23 April 2015.

Silesia, a south western region of Poland, is for historical and technical reasons one of the most important and most intensively trafficked logistic corridors in Europe, both by roadfreight and railfreight. The high density of urban and industrial conglomerates and the concentration of automotive and manufacturing industries and logistic operators make this area the most economically and commercially developped in the country.

Expo Silesia TSL 2015 is one of the most populated Polish fairs in this field, with exhibitors coming from the public and private industry, and representatives of all related service providers. This year the major events have been the meeting with the chamber of customs from Serbia, the conference about alternative fuels and low environment impact, and the public debate on the legal aspects of the most recent EU transport laws. Codognotto Group has presented to visitors and operators its range of domestic and international logistic services, promoting a Brand which is already recognized Europewide.

Codognotto Group is present and active in Poland with Bielsko Biala and Lodz branches, with an owned truck fleet, warehousing and distribution facilities, providing roadfreight, airfreight, seafreight services.

2015 20 May