Codognotto Group at the 4th CWC LNG Fuels Summit held in Amsterdam

Codognotto Group attended the 4th CWC LNG Fuels Summit, held in Amsterdam 22-23 May 2018.

The conference was largely made up of delegates from the marine bunkering and European road transportation sector, with some delegates from outside the EU area. Delegates came to give their views on how to grow an industry in transition, learn about LNG for fuels, and to network.

For Codognotto, our Marketing & Innovation Manager, Andrea Condotta, attended the conference as invited panelist to discuss with others experts at UE and international level, such as SHELL International, Rolande LNG and IVECO the state of the art of the LNG deployment across Europe and related European policies and initiatives to support alternative fuels.

The event has been the occasion to share our mid-long term vision on LNG for HDV truck and, in general, on alternative fuels as one of the major driver of growth and competitiveness in the transport market. In this venue, we disseminated our past and ongoing innovation initiatives, with a specific focus on LNG fleet, LNG related projects and testing of electric vehicles. 

2018 04 Giu