Codognotto & BSH: partner of the innovative changes of Contract Logistics

Codognotto Group and BSH Elettodomestici have built a great partnership in order to establish an innovative project in Contract Logistics. Such an initiative has been recognized by the Osservatorio Contract Logistics because of the value that the experience of the project is bringing to the industry.

A public speech had been done by Stefania Staccioli, head of Supply Chain & Purchasing of BSH Elettrodomestici, in the Osservatorio of Contract Logistics weeks ago, were she spoke about the key points of our common project. She mentioned the full integration of Warehouse activities with distribution activities that are possible thanks to the use of the IT systems for the full integration of the services, establishing as well a digital cooperation system to integrate the services with the suppliers and players involved in the logistics services.

As part of this partnership with BSH, we are looking forward to spread our knowledge and our values and be capable of change the industry and innovate the sector impacting not just the Contract Logistics but the transport and logistics sector in Italy and the World.

2020 03 Mar