Air & Ocean Expansion: just opened a new office in Portugal

We always look forward to be a global leader in each of our services. Considerably, we have reached a numerous opening of branches around the World thanks to the hard work, patience and our team.

On 2019, we celebrated our 10th anniversary of being part of the Air & Ocean sector as a transport and logistics company. As a result of our expansion in this sector, we find new business areas for our development. In consequence, last year we opened our Air & Ocean branch in Bangalore, India, office that has grown so quickly that we had to move to a bigger workplace, so our Indian team continues increasing. 

In addition, our European Market is rising as well. Therefore, we opened a new office in Porto, Portugal which is already operating with a strong commitment managing the flow of the Iberian Peninsula in the manner of importation and exportation.



2020 03 Mar