Privacy Policy


The CODOGNOTTO Group assures to all customers the use of the most appropriate ways for the protection of sensitive data, and guarantees full confidentiality of the same.

Description of information and use

Customers of the present web site might be asked sensitive data at different times. For example: Quotations requests, CV details, Joining newsletters and so on. The information generally received, are: name, surname, company details, address, phone number, mail address and customer code.
The records of received data, has the following aims:

- improve the security of the offered service on line;
- facilitate the communications, paper or electronic, of events or promotions;
- to offer information of the services or initiatives of the CODOGNOTTO Group, than can interest the customer profile.

Modality of data collection

Customers will be informed if the requested details will be necessary for access to the service or other reasons. In the latter case, the release of information will be optional. The CODOGNOTTO Group, with the aim to improve the service offered on line, in offering solutions to the visitor is employing the use of cookies, to collect customer information, with the following aim: 

- elaborate statistics on the number of visitors and preferences;
- identify interests in events, promotions and initiatives;
- facilitate introduction of eventual login;
- favor the automatic choice of surfing preferences.


Cookies are information strings, generated by the web site, and stored in the visitors computer. The strings are exchanged with the site during successive visits. Cookies contents are not sensitive data, therefore do not allow direct identification of a private entity. The acceptance or refusal of cookies is controlled by the browser used in surfing, and the chosen formula of the visitor. Is however possible to delete recorded cookies in the computer, by deleting folders contents of cookies and temporary internet files. The CODOGNOTTO Group, with only administration aim of the web site, will manage IP address, this method will allow to have summary information of logons.
For further information please visit: Cookies Policy

Access of information

The CODOGNOTTO Group is the only owner of the collected sensitive data, such data will not be sold to other agencies. The personal information collected, will be shared only with the Group agents, with the only aim to provide customers with the best possible service, and to fulfill agreed commitments. Collected sensitive data will be protected from theft, losses, deletions, alterations and fraudulent actions. In case changes to the contents of the present web site or technology on which is based on, relating to the subject dealt with, the same will be swiftly reviewed. The CODOGNOTTO Group will not be responsible of such actions listed above, regarding links and other sites internally present inside this web site. We therefore suggest to customers, to verify the way their sensitive data is handled by outside sites, which are connected with CODOGNOTTO Group site.

Contact informations

For any type of request dealing within – ex: blocks, changes, integration of received data – we invite customers to contact the following email address - tel: 0422 7447