Accelerating green Hydrogen mobility in the Alpine Region: The H2MA Project

Codognotto Italia S.p.A. is partner of Interreg Alpine Space H2MA project!

The INTERREG ALPINE SPACE H2MA project is a collaborative endeavour that aims to accelerate the transnational adoption of green hydrogen (H2) mobility infrastructure across the Alpine region. By promoting sustainable transportation and curbing CO2 emissions, H2MA focuses on joint development, cooperation mechanisms, strategies, and resource sharing.
H2MA brings together 11 partners from all 5 Interreg Alpine Space EU countries: Slovenia, Italy, Germany, France, and Austria. These partners collaborate to enhance the capacities of territorial public authorities and relevant stakeholders. Their collective goal is to collaboratively plan and pilot test zero-emission hydrogen routes that span the Alpine Regions. The H2MA project, which runs from 2022 to 2025, has a total budget of €2,273,155, the project receives €1,704,866 in grants from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and falls under the category of Classic projects.

Central to H2MA's mission is the enhancement of governance structures governing green hydrogen mobility. With active participation from over 20 policy authorities and 80 stakeholders, the initiative aims to leverage their collective expertise to refine mobility plans. Through the utilization and upscaling of project outputs, ranging from resources to strategic tools, H2MA strives for the seamless integration of green hydrogen infrastructure within existing transportation networks.

Additionally, H2MA sets its sights on revolutionizing heavy-duty transportation, spearheading the development of infrastructure tailored to accommodate at least 2,000 H2-powered vehicles. This ambitious target is projected to yield significant environmental dividends, with an estimated annual reduction of 240,000 tons of CO2 emissions by 2030. Through the pilot testing of transalpine green hydrogen routes for both freight and passenger transport, initially focusing on heavy-duty trucks and railways, H2MA lays the groundwork for a comprehensive mobility solution.

Moreover, in its quest to drive widespread adoption of green hydrogen mobility, H2MA recognizes the pivotal role of financial investment. By fostering collaboration between public authorities and private entities, the initiative aims to unlock a several green financing opportunities.

Finally, at the heart of H2MA lies a commitment to integrated planning and implementation, designed to synchronize the deployment of transnational infrastructure. From freight and passenger transport to urban mobility, including buses, H2MA's holistic approach transcends traditional boundaries. By avoiding silos and aligning initiatives across diverse sectors, the initiative propels the Alpine Space towards its destiny as a sustainable transportation hub.

You may access the project website H2MA - Alpine Space Programme ( to find detailed and updated info on project structure, partners, news, events, publications.

2024 23 Apr