Codognotto Group intends to activate a tender procedure in order to request an external support for IT services with a specific focus on Support for Transformation Program.

The potential providers interested can find below the main important elements of the tender. In case of interest please contact matteo.spagnolo@codognotto.com


Codognotto Group is a logistics and transport company operating in over twenty countries with fifty offices. The Group deals with integrated logistics and transport through the use of all modes of transport. As a distinctive element on the market, the Group proposes itself as a driver of innovation.
Within this general framework, Codognotto Italia S.p.A. with registered office in Salgareda (31040 - TV), in Via Calnuova n. 18, tax code and VAT number 00474360310, (hereinafter "Awarding Organisation" for reasons of brevity), is partner of the EU funded action FEDeRATED (Call CEF-T-2018-MAP-TRANSPORT, Priority Innovation and new technologies in all transport modes, TENtec Project n. 2018-EU-TM-0119-S – 28151860, GA INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2018/1789631). 
Purpose of the aforementioned Action is to develop and validate a digitized system active along the main European Transport Corridors according to the "corridor information system" principle. 

More in detail, FEDeRATED aims at creating of a federative system of public and private IT platforms capable of sharing data and information for a better management and planning of goods along the logistic chain.

FEDeRATED action is declined in five different activities:
1 - Vision
2 - Master Plan
3 - Pilots, Living, Labs&Testing
4 - Collaboration
5 - Project Management

Accordingly, the selected provider would assure the necessary competences and knowledge in order to achieve the development goals set by the Awarding Organisation and in line with the timing and expectations foreseen by FEDeRATED action and in particular in relation to act. 3.
In order to achieve the above described aims, Codognotto Italia S.p.A. requires the identification and selection of highly-specialised external expertise to provide advising, consultancy and software development service in order to assure a proper technical coordination of the pilots comply in act. 3.
The recourse to external competencies by the Awarding Organisation is required by the nature and quality of the expertise necessary to perform the activities foreseen at company and FEDeRATED Action level. These activities, as required by FEDeRATED Action, cover a wide range of knowledge relating to IT development and Project Management. Accordingly, the entire range of skills required determine the use of external expertise as it is not available within the Awarding Organisation. 
Copy of the Grant Agreement funding FEDeRATED action is available at the headquarter of the Awarding Organization for consultation, upon request.
Based on the premise, Codognotto Italia S.p.A., as Awarding Organisation, is asking an offer for the implementation of the following service.




In line with the goals and achievement mentioned in the premise, Codognotto Italia S.p.A., as co-beneficiary Partner of the EU project FEDeRATED, Grant Agreement n° INEA/CEF/TRAN/M2018/1789631, TENtec Project n. 2018-EU-TM-0119-S - 28151860, requires a Support for Transformation Program to assure the correct development of act. 3 implementation.  
The mentioned activity has the main objective to practically test FEDeRATED’s vision on the logistics chain through the creation, adaptation and revision of IT platforms in use.  
Codognotto Group’s will play a major role in the European process of enhancing concepts such as paperless transport (SG1) and data sharing (SG2) involving all its business areas (Logistics&Distribution; Air&Ocean; FTL).  

Please download the attachment for more details.


2020 15 Jan