Codognotto Group - Art and Sustainability

In occasion of the Presentation of our new Intermodal Service IT-UK-IT from the Pordenone hub, the Codognotto Group has decided to renew again and give further impetus to its search for sustainable transport for future generations.

We decided to do this also mixing transport and sustainability through an artistic perfomance showing in brief our idea and commitment for a sustainable transport & logistics sector in the next future.

The Codognotto Group is at the forefront of innovation towards sustainability. The meaning behind the perfomance is: ART CAN MAKE DREAMS VISIBLE and there is no distinction between man and nature.

We are like leaves in the tree of life. Millions of people in the world are issuing a challenge: to rediscover a planet where human beings are part of the environment and not its main threat.

We accept the challenge and put all our efforts into cleaning the foggy cover that hides the beauty of a green future.

This forest on our semitrailers will travel around Europe as a reminder for all of us.


Thanks to Pierluigi Slis for his art and to Stefano Maroelli for his music. 


The video of the artistic performance is available at this LINK

2019 21 Nov