Italian Intermodal leaders Codognotto Group and GTS join forces for a greener supply chain


Codognotto Group, leading company in logistics and road transport services based in Salgareda (Treviso province), and Gts group - one of the first intermodal operators in Italy based in Bari, are delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership aimed at reinforcing and enlarging the intermodal package offering in Italy and Europe. 

Both companies are renowned for their commitment to intermodality and their significant investments on this segment during the latest years. Codognotto Group has been investing more than 10 million Euros in the last two years in intermodal assets, both including digitalization and special vehicles dedicated to combined road-rail transport. Gts, in the same way, started its path towards intermodality in 2008 with the acquisition of Gts rail, becoming one of the first railway companies in Italy.  

By signing this strategic agreement, the two companies will bring together their extensive expertise in intermodal, resources and networks in order to optimize the freight loads and harness the highest potential from each mode of transport.  


The Power of Intermodal Transport in Italy and Europe 

Intermodal transport has emerged as a game-changer in Italy's logistics sector, enabling the transportation of goods using multiple modes such as road, rail and sea. From the customer point of view, this will turn into faster transit times, reduced costs, and improved environmental impact. Unless the current challenges due to the lack of railways effective infrastructures, both the companies think it is still worth investing in intermodal transport, a key service for those businesses and industries particularly focused on the reduction of CO2 emissions. 


About the Agreement 

As stated by Gabriele Piccolo, Deputy FTL Director of Codognotto Group:

“In the last two years we have invested over 10 million in digitalization, IT services and vehicles dedicated to combined road-rail transport. The new Codognotto-GTS agreement will allow us to provide customers with a renovated and competitive intermodal offer in terms of quality of service and reduction of CO2 emissions. Looking back at the economic value of the national road transport market, it counts for over 300 billion Euros. It is obvious that companies, to be competitive, must keep up with new technologies to improve not only the movement of goods but to also the impact on the environment.”


Massimo Marra, Sales and Project Manager of Gts comments:

“With this new agreement GTS adds Poland to its network. Moreover, there will be new routes between southern and northern Italy. Then from Piacenza to the rest of Europe and vice versa. The traction of the Piacenza – Gliwice train is serviced by our Gts Rail with 8 trips a week but we are ready to increase them up to 14. Each train carries 32 containers loaded with food, beverage, furniture and steel goods. Thanks to the other divisions, Gts is able to make a valid contribution to both imports and exports: Gts Iberia, Gts Next and the latest arrival Seaway Agency, specialized in maritime transport. Despite the lack of national infrastructure - concludes Marra - we strongly believe that investing in intermodal transport is a winning solution for all companies and industries particularly focused on sustainability ". 

This new partnership will translate into 50 thousand tons of goods transferred from road to rail and therefore a reduction in road traffic which will allow 2 thousand trucks to be taken off the road every year. 

2023 10 Oct