New Train Connection China – Milan


The emergency in the Red Sea poses a potential disruption to Mediterranean routes, leading to unexpected delays and longer journeys.

To overcome this situation, we have introduced a new train service China-Milan that guarantees service continuity for our customers.


The new route service is still available, with 3 different origin stations in China to Milan and 3 different departures per week to ensure complete coverage of our customers' needs.



  Key features:  


• 3 departure points in China (Zhenghou, Chengdu, Xi'an)







 Transit time: 22 days. The performance of rail transport continues to confirm itself as more than positive in terms of lead time.

• Route: Via train, covering a distance of more than 11,000 Km.


Benefits of this Service:


Sustainability: Train transport remains the most sustainable option. Among its strengths, this solution is, in fact, the greenest available in terms of the reduction of CO2 emissions.

•  Flexibility: We leverage the experience of our partners in China by evaluating the best departure hub and the safest route.

 Uninterrupted service from the departure to the destination hubs.

Additionally, we offer analysis and consultancy services to determine the most convenient mode of transport in this critical area!


The sea route will still be available to our customers. This service adds as a strategic alternative, as it gives the opportunity to harness the full potential of Codognotto's expertise in intermodality, assets, and coverage in the market to ensure uninterrupted services to our customers!



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