Codognotto-Vectorys, signed in Tunis a new strategic alliance to expand the service portfolio in North Africa-Europe

Codognotto Group, leading company in integrated logistics management, road transport and sea/air transport services has signed an important commercial and operational agreement with Vectorys Group, multinational company specialised in transport and logistics in North Africa.

The main goal of this strategic agreement involves the opportunity of developing transport and logistics services between Europe and North Africa by matching networks, markets and the profound experience of both the companies in their fields.

The Codognotto Group boasts direct presence in most European countries: Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, plus new openings in Turkey and Lithuania in 2023.  Vectorys Group is specialised in Europe and North Africa, with strong presence in Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, Malta, Italy, France and Spain.

The agreement was signed at the Vectorys Tunis office by Nabgha Salem, Fabio Mandirola - respectively President and General Manager of the Vectorys Group, and Marco Manfredini, Operations General Manager of Codognotto Group.

“With this strategic agreement we lay the foundations for a long-term collaboration that will allow the Codognotto Group to add North Africa to the portfolio of services that already serves all of Europe and Turkey,” comments Marco Manfredini “We believe that the best way to widen the geography of our services is through the stipulation of partnerships able to put together complementary experiences and markets. By choosing Vectorys we have selected the leading partner for the North Africa region.”

Nabgha Salem adds: “The goal is to consolidate and strengthen our European network to provide our customers with a real global logistics solution. The reason for this alliance was also driven by a common approach and vision on ecology, sustainability and the development of intermodality.”

Together, the two groups consolidate a turnover of logistics and transport of approximately 500 million Euros.

2023 15 Feb